Jordan Tank, CPT, FNS

Personal Trainer, Columbus, Ohio

Jordan Tank

Personal Trainer, Columbus, Ohio

About Me

Hello and thank you for coming to my site! 

My name is Jordan Tank and I am a certified personal trainer in Columbus, Ohio. I am a passionate, easy-going person who enjoys good conversation, bourbon, travel, and sports! My wife, Melina, and I are multi-instrumentalists and enjoy playing music together across many genres!

I started my training career back in 2014 when I began doing off-season bootcamps for youth hockey players. This was such a success that I was able to continue training 1-1 sessions with the athletes throughout their season. The athletes that I trained would go on to have an undefeated season, including two tournament championship victories, and one tournament MVP. After my success there, I began a strength and conditioning program for Team Columbus, an elite-level hockey team in Columbus, Ohio.

I did that all the way up until the COVID-19 pandemic hit at which point I made a calculated decision to transition into helping the adult population looking to get in shape.

Since then, I have helped dozens of men and women lose weight, recompose their bodies, and regain a level of fitness that they thought was left in the past!

Jordan Tank, Certified Personal trainer, certified fitness nutrition specialist with his wife, Melina.