Personal Training

My approach to personal training for my clients is the same approach that I take for myself. I believe in living a healthy, active life as long as I possibly can. My goal is to make it to 100 years old in good health! I want to have solid mental faculties and be able to be surprising active for that age!

While you yourself may not care to see 100, I know that deep down you do care about living as long of a healthy life as you can so that you can see your children, grandchildren, and maybe even great-grandchildren grow and be active with them.

I also believe that for you to really stick with fitness, you have to enjoy coming to the gym and by extension, enjoy seeing your trainer. That is why I place personal relations at the forefront of my business. All of my clients will tell you that an hour with me will be the fastest hour of your day. Of course, I will challenge you with your workouts, but I will also make sure that you enjoy the process along the way. I am an excellent conversationalist and can go deep on just about any topic with anyone; I want to be the gym buddy you never had.

As far as how I train, I primarily do 1-1 sessions but I will accept husband/wife combos or families! My focus with all of my clients is to focus on the three pillars of fitness: Cardio, strength, mobility. 

The vast majority of my clients are business leaders, CEOs, doctors, and entrepreneurs. I know how busy life gets and to help my clients, I maintain a level of flexibility in scheduling that you will have a very hard time finding elsewhere.



Colton M.

As a former athlete and Army veteran, fitness has been a huge priority in my life. Prior to my time spent with Jordan, I would even say I had great foundational knowledge when training my body for my personal goals. I reached out to Jordan to help establish new regiments after spending a decent amount of time away from the gym. Immediately, Jordan was quick in prioritizing my personal concerns, and this happened before the monetary conversation. Jordan was extremely assertive and informative from the very beginning. Little did I know, much of the previous workouts/regiments that had been apart of my previous fitness habits had been limiting my success. Jordan helped in correcting much of my form and prioritizing the foundations of fitness. As previously mentioned, I would consider myself pretty coherent in regard to fitness, but Jordan provided a much deeper understanding and informative stance. During all of our workouts (including many I had never heard of), Jordan made sure that we were operating in ways that were safe for the body while still improving strength. In the time I spent with Jordan, my posture improved, I gained muscle mass, and strengthened muscles I had previously been able to isolate. These were the goals I had prior to meeting with Jordan, and he helped me meet them in a short amount of time. Outside of the workout-knowledge provided, Jordan is an extremely informative and assertive individual. He really cares about the success of his clients and it is obvious that fitness is his passion and not his work. This makes the experience feel much more personal and in turn, influences more success. If you are looking for a trainer that will cater a regiment specifically to your goals in a way that is safe for long term fitness, informative, and produces results. Jordan is your guy.

Nicole B.

Jordan does a great job of tailoring the time to my individual needs and fitness goals. He’s met me where I am and, through his training, I feel stronger and more confident in my body as a woman in my mid-40s than I ever did in my 20s or 30s!

Brady B.

Stop looking for a personal trainer, Jordan is the guy. He has been incredibly patient, supportive and motivational during our family’s journey to reemphasize fitness and health. 1 year and counting, would not change a thing!

Melinda R.

My husband and I have been training with Jordan for about 8 months now. We are both in our early 50s and were stiff, sore, and just out of shape. Jordan started us out working on our flexibility while working to build up our strength. I had knee issues and tight shoulders that have improved dramatically. My energy level is up and I have lost weight and inches, but most importantly, built my strength and flexibility back up. Jordan has worked with us on our nutrition showing us better food and snack options and giving us caloric intakes to meet our goal weight. Highly recommend Jordan!

Kaelyn M.

I’ve been working with Jordan for about 9 months & I have never felt better! After college, I just could not get into a routine & could not find a gym that I liked. I was definitely not feeling my best and needed something to help jump-start me! Jordan has listened to all my concerns & questions regarding the workouts, weight loss, macros, etc., and has helped me get to a place where I finally feel confident in myself & in the gym!

Corey N.

If you are looking for someone who is genuine and knows what they are actually talking about – Jordan is the coach for you. There have been many times that most other coaches would have given up/walked away from me due to my inconsistency but not Jordan. His approach to how he communicates and thinks outside the box is second to none in my opinion. If you are ready to win – Jordan is your ticket.

Dr. Chris Y.

Personalized and very functionally oriented using everything from balance to body weight, to iron and bands, to increase functional strength and joint stability and cardiovascular tolerance. Jordan is efficient from start to finish each and every workout. Gentle mentoring on overall fitness shape and body weight goals is worked into our interactions. If you’re serious about getting the physical part of you feeling better and working better, I highly recommend Jordan Tank!

Sanath K.

Jordan is an awesome trainer and coach. He is sincere, and is always looking for ways to add value to his clients’ well being!

David C.

Since joining Jordan a year ago, my fitness and strength has come to a whole new level! I went from twice a week to four times a week! Jordan has extensive knowledge of how the body works and how to influence each muscle. His understanding of nutrition has also benefitted me! I have never had a boring workout and he changes the routine monthly!

Dani B.

Jordan has been instrumental in helping us get to our fitness goals. My fiancé and I have been working with him for the past few months to get in shape for our wedding. He is super knowledgeable. With our busy work schedule he has been flexible and accommodating. I highly recommend hiring him if you are trying to get in shape! You won’t Regret it.

Dr. TJ B.

Jordan is awesome! Really professional and a student of physiology and body movement. He takes a pragmatic approach knowing we are human and is results focused. I can’t recommend him enough!

Training options

I train both in-person and online clients. If you are in-person, you can train with me at my gym located at 935 king avenue or if schedule permits and you have the equipment, I will come to your house.